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Spiderpaws Images is a part of Spiderpaws Images & Web Design.  The name Spiderpaws comes from the internet spidering and the paws of the teddy bears I collect.  Spiderpaws Images was created in January 2001 to provided images for use in tourney pages on MyLeague.com  Over the years Spiderpaws Images has grown from images requests, ideas that I get and the help of friends and family.  There are a few requests that I do have when using this site, please read the rules and terms of use.  New things will be added soon so watch for ways you can help and participate.  Thank you for visiting.

We will be happy to make a customized sigs or tags for you at no charge.  Please allow 2-3 days before you receive the url of your page.  Please be aware all sigs and/or tags created for free will be added to the demo list for others to view.  ALL IMAGES ARE HOSTED FOR FREE!!  Including any and all custom created pages.  Tips and/or donations are welcome.

For customized Survivor images please contact us with your request.  For all inclusives rights to the images i.e. we will not post it where others can use it the cost is $5.00 and up.

Main Page League Requests ~ Currently at this time we are accepting 3-5 leagues pages that will be created and hosted for free.   Page will be designed to your specifications.  Including all MyLeague add-ons as requested.   We will update the page once a week as requested.  You will be provided a demo page to view and request any changes.  You will then be emailed the code to paste into the correct areas of MyLeague Admin Menu.  Redirect pages are available, please contact us for further information.  We will edit My League Plus pages.