Bedtime Bear
    Bedtime Bear stays up nights. He's the special bear who helps people get a good night's sleep and makes sure that they have sweet dreams. There's no better bear buddy for a goodnight hug. Bedtime has a symbol that says what he's all about—a sleepy-faced moon.
    Caring Mission: Helps people sleep.
    Symbol: His crescent moon symbol represents his nighttime mission.
    Personality: Brave and alert (at night).
    Character Quirk: During the day, he's always confused or dozing off.
    Color: Blue.
    Best Friend: Wish Bear
    Relationship Challenge: He is baffled at how to help Friend Bear get over her fear of the dark.
    Motto: Sleep is what I do best!
    Bedtime Bear

    Bedtime Bear
    is a very sleepy bear. He helps everyone get a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams. He is blue with a sleeping crescent moon on his tummy.

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